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May 21, 2023

Most successful business owners spend their time running their business. Their expertise is not planning how to exit, or planning what might happen to the company, their family, employees or customers if something unexpectedly happens to them. That is the expertise of Pass It On, Inc. Laurie Barkman speaks with father-daughter team, Don See and Misty Meschter. Since 1947, their company has helped families think through the options and potential outcomes of passing it on, and they have forged their own journey through three generations of succession. They design plans and funding arrangements to protect family businesses from the financial disasters that can jeopardize survival. 


Listen in to learn more about:

  • Difference between succession planning, exit planning, and contingency planning

  • Why your plan will continually change and how to adapt

  • When you should bring your kids into the business (and when you shouldn’t)

  • Strategies that answer the problems introduced by the classic forms of planning

  • How to structure internal transfers and anoint your successors with buy-sell agreements


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