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Oct 15, 2023

Pete Walsh is a Master Coach and a trusted advisor who brings real-life lessons to his family business and executive clients. Pete is the first guest on Succession Stories who turned down next generation succession.

In 1919, Peteโ€™s great uncle and grandfather started Walsh Bros. as a typewriter repair company in the times of the US wild west. As the 3rd generation, Pete joined the business and slowly worked his way up the company ladder. There were lots of owner branches on the family tree, and Pete felt that the road to autonomy and ownership was too much of an uphill journey. He said no to family business succession and ventured out on his own. Years later, the family sold the business to Target Corporation bringing an end to Walsh Bros after a successful 89-year run.

Pete followed his passion for leadership development and coaches family businesses across the US. He is also the author of The Family Business Playbook that includes some timeless advice from his grandfather.

Listen in as Pete joins host Laurie Barkman for a great conversation about family business performance and what it takes to win. Enjoy this Succession Stories episode about turning down the family business with Pete Walsh.


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