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Nov 29, 2021

If a high percentage of your company's revenue is undertaken personally by you or your fellow equity holders, you’re a Rainmaker. You’ve got a strong ability to influence customers, but you may be lowering your company’s value. Amy Franko is a strategic sales expert and author of The Modern Seller. Listen in as...

Nov 21, 2021

Explore how ESOP management buyouts can be a great succession plan as a way to transfer your family-owned business to your children and employees. Laurie Barkman and Darren Gleeman, an ESOP expert and Partner at MBO Ventures, discuss why you might consider an ESOP over selling to a private equity firm. In addition to

Nov 7, 2021

How can employers retain people in the face of The Great Resignation job market phenomenon? Alisa Spector Angelo is the Owner and President of Compass Business Solutions, an HR consulting firm that takes a people first approach in driving organizational performance. Listen in as Laurie Barkman and Alisa talk about why...