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Feb 28, 2022

How can a services business drive recurring revenue? Andy Cabasso co-founded JurisPage, a marketing services company with a niche audience- specializing in technology and practice management software for law firms. After three years they were bought by a strategic acquirer for 7-figures. Andy’s story will be interesting to anyone wondering how to package their services as products and develop a recurring revenue model – a key value driver. 


Listen to learn more about:

  • How JurisPage created a recurring revenue stream 
  • Building a book of recurring revenue to scale your income
  • Why turning away one-time revenue projects was difficult but helped build a valuable business
  • How to take something like a service like marketing or web design, and turn that into a product that has fixed deliverables
  • How using SOPs to build a scalable team– enabling a lean small team to deliver
  • Why building these processes can help you become an attractive acquisition target
  • Launching his next venture


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